Disturbing Numbers For Vermont

VT State Capitol

Photo credit: VTWeb.com

Vermont is getting her fifteen minutes of fame recently, but for reasons we would rather not be known for. Check this out:

The Mercatus Center at George Washington University ranks Vermont a lowly 30th in their 2011 “Index of Personal and Economic Freedom” listings;

Kiplinger just ranked as the number 1 in the nation “tax hell” on their list of the 10 most “Tax-Unfriendly States for Retirees 2011”;

The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group based in Washington, D.C. ranks Vermont a dismal 38th among the states in their “State Business Tax Climate Index-Fiscal Year 2011;

24/7 Wall Street Ranks Vermont at number 3 on their list of “The 10 States With The Worst Property Taxes”;

MSN Money ranks Vermont as the 9th most expensive state to live in for 2011;

CNBC downgrades Vermont from 37th in 2010 to 44th for 2011 among the worst states for business;

ChiefExecutive.net for 2011 downgrades Vermont to 40th from an already disconcerting 2010 rank as the 36th worst state for business.

Alan Sexton

5 thoughts on “Disturbing Numbers For Vermont

  1. This should not be a big suprise to anyone that lives here! This state has been going down the tubes for the past thirty years. The politicians want us to be a playground for the out of staters and the ultra liberal policies of this state are putting us on a crash course with collapse, by driving away businesses, driving our young people away and making it a place where the resident cant afford to live!

    • I agree, David. We have much work to do. I am bouyed by your findings, and confident that we can bring about the changes needed to bring Vermont back from the brink. Thanks, Alan

  2. There are too many politicians in Vt that have forgot that the government is supposed to be “of the people and for the people.” They don’t seem to vote the way they are asked to by the voters. I think it’s time to clean house and get rid of the career politicians. Selectboard members in my town get $750.00 per year. The members of the board have a genuine concern for their town.Maybe we are paying too much at the state level. We need to get concerned people in the statehouse.

    • We certainly have one party rule at the state level, Fran. Hopefully, by disseminating information before the next elections we can effect the changes we need to. Thanks, Alan

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