July 4th 2011: A Celebration of Independence, or a Requiem for it?


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     It seems a bit odd for a nation wherein many now embrace control by and dependence upon centralized government to celebrate it’s founders rejection of-get this-control by and dependence upon centralized government.

     The 4th of July is the day intended for Americans to commemorate and celebrate the Continental Congress’ July 4, 1776 adoption of Americas “birth certificate”, the Declaration of Independence. Authored primarily by Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence officially rejected the tyrannical rule of King George III, and proclaimed our separation from and independence of Great Britain.

     Americas founders had their fill of governmental interference with and regulation of their lives, liberties, property and pursuits. The founders understood that individual human beings each have unalienable rights under the laws of Nature and Natures God, and would better manage our own lives.

     Fast forward to 2011, and age when we vociferously declare independence and our rejection of increasing centralized governmental control over our lives, liberty, property and pursuits, yet recent polls suggest that independence is not exactly what some truly want.

     A Bloomberg national poll conducted in December 2010 and a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted in April of this year both show that a plurality of those surveyed favor maintaining untouched government dependency promoting entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. This, even despite the reality that these very programs are among the primary drivers of an exploding national debt which now threatens the survival of the Republic as we know it.

     Perhaps all hope is not lost. An American Legion poll suggests the opposite might be true.

     Regardless of whichever poll more accurately reflects the thoughts on government dependency of the American people, we can be certain that it is not possible to regain independence while simultaneously embracing dependence. Selectivity discredits and damages the cause of liberty.

     President Ronald Reagan once said, “There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”. We likely know what the courageous and morally right course of action is. However, it is yet to be determined whether we still have the spirit, courage, and desire for independence of the founders we plan to commemorate on July 4th, or are now simply a nation of government dependent hypocrites partying it up as though July 4th is just another day.

Alan Sexton

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